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Rooftop Jazz

2017 Steinway & Sons

1. Go Get It

2. A Foggy Night In Charleston

3. The Greeter

4. The Sheik Of Araby (Snyder)

5. Careless Love (Traditional)

6. Beale Street Blues (Handy)

7. Avenues

8. Scarborough Fair (Traditional)

9. Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home (Cannon)

10. Four Chambers

11. Danny Boy "Londonberry Air" (Traditional)

Original works and arrangements by Chantale Gagné/SOCAN/ASCAP

Chantale Gagné - piano

Produced by Steinway & Sons / Jon Feidner

Recorded on January 27th, 2017 at Steinway Hall, New York City

Engineered by Lauren Sturm

Mixing and mastering by Daniel Shores

Performances captured using Steinway's exclusive Spirio technology; audio recording made using Spirio piano in playback mode.


Miscellany No. 1

2017 Chantale Gagné

CD Single

Chopin Etude in F minor, Opus 10, No. 9

Composition: Frederic Chopin
Arrangement by Chantale Gagné/SOCAN/ASCAP
Chantale Gagné - piano
Bob Sheppard - soprano sax
Corbin Jones - bass
Jason Harnell - drums


Produced by Chantale Gagné

Recorded on May 6th, 2016 at Lair Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Mixing and mastering: Quentin Baxter.



The Left Side Of The Moon

2014 Chantale Gagné

1. Mystère 5:50
2. After You 5:33
3. The Left Side Of The Moon 6:41
4. Moon Gazing 6:26
5. In Time 5:20
6. Your Blues Is My Blues 4:33
7. À la claire fontaine 5:44
8. Just A Dream 5:51
9. Up Again 6:27
10. Echoes 8:41
11. Roach Rag 1:34

All compositions by Chantale Gagné/SOCAN/ASCAP except: À la claire fontaine; Anonymous, arranged by Chantale Gagné.


Chantale Gagné - piano

Steve Wilson - alto & soprano sax, flute

Peter Washington - bass

Lewis Nash - drums


Produced by Chantale Gagné


Recorded April 4th, 2014 at Trading 8’s Studio, Paramus NJ

Engineered by Katherine Miller

Mastered by Alan Silverman

Wisdom Of The Water

2010 Chantale Gagné

1. Wisdom Of The Water 7:06
2. Over The Bridge 6:35
3. My Wild Irish Rose 5:29
4. Squinky Pete 5:25
5. Roseline 1:45
6. The Light We Need 6:12
7. Waking Dreams 4:52
8. I Shall Not Be Moved 4:27
9. Lullaby For Winter 3:50

All songs composed by Chantale Gagné/SOCAN/ASCAP except "Over The Bridge" composed by Chantale Gagné and Joe Locke/BMI. My Wild Irish Rose" composed by Chauncey Olcott.



Chantale Gagné - piano

Joe Locke - vibraphone

Peter Washington - bass

Lewis Nash - drums


Produced by Chantale Gagné


Recorded on June 14, 2010 at Knoop Recording Studio, River Edge, N.J.

Mastered by Alan Silverman.

Engineered by Katherine Miller.


Silent Strength

2008 Chantale Gagné

1. Second Wave 4:52
2. Tranquilité 5:03
3. In My Mind 6:31
4. Silent Strength 4:41
5. New York Nights 5:42
6. I Mean You 6:09
7. Rêves 6:09
8. Peri's Scope 4:16
9. But Beautiful 5:59
10. Subway Rag 1:43

All tunes composed by Chantale Gagné/SOCAN except "I Mean You"-Thelonius Monk/Consolidated Music Publishers, Peri’s Scope-Bill Evans/Folkways Music Publishers Inc. and But Beautiful-Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen/ Burke & Van Heusen Co. Div.

Chantale Gagné - piano
Peter Washington - bass
Lewis Nash - drums

Produced by Chantale Gagné

Recorded on April 9th 2007 at The Studio, 102 Greene Street, New York City.
Engineered and mastered by Katherine Miller.

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